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Tips to Create a Gorgeous Paper Flower Bouquet

We often forget to express our love to the people whom we care the most. With broken promises and neglected phone calls our special ones end up feeling rejected. If you gift them a bunch of paper flower bouquet, it will make them jump with delight and joy. The relationship will spice up and grow stronger throughout your lifetime. Since these colorful flowers will never wither or die they can be cherished forever.

In this article let us study step by step guidelines of making a fabulous flower bouquet for your sweethearts.

Materials required for making the paper flower bouquet

•    Different colored text weight paper
•    Template of the Petals
•    Wire cutters
•    Scissors
•    Fringing scissors
•    Crepe or streamer paper
•    Glue
•    Stamp pad in many vibrant colors
•    Floral tape

Paper Flower BouquetFirst step

Initially you should take a thin lengthy paper, and then start fringing and stamping for making the center part of your paper flowers. The paper need to be 9×11 sized and fold it in a hot dog method or half length way. Then tuck the edges in to the center part of the fold, which will divide it in to four partitions of equal measurements. Now take the scissors and cut carefully along the straight line created by the folds. The strips of paper thus made will be used as the center part of every flower that will be arranged in your paper flower bouquet.

Second step

Take the thinner side of the paper and create in the center of the flower a dimension with the stamp pad. Swipe the pad slowly over the paper edge for effective results. If you are artsy then try to draw a paint using a dry brush. However stamp pad method is considered to be quicker and easier than the craft way.

Third step

Once the stamping process is completed start fringing the edges of the paper. You can use regular scissors or fringing scissors according to the Paper Flower Bouquet style you would like to accomplish. When you use a regular pair of scissors try to cut the fringe on the ¾ or ½ way through in the paper. Avoid cutting the entire paper for best results.

Fourth Step

Now dip few drops of the glue along the edges of the paper that are not fringed or stamped. Gather these edges and roll the strips of paper to the half top of the floral wire. Pinch the strips for more splay and pop out effects while gathering, and if necessary dab of glue to secure the strips.

Fifth step

Wrap the stem of the flower using a green floral tape and overlap the fringes during this process. Never wrap the same portion of the stem but instead try to concentrate down at 45 degree. With the wax the tape gets glued to the stem perfectly. Once the wrapping is completed wind the tape stretching and wrapping it around the tip.

Make as many paper flowers you can using these centers and colorful petals. Crumple the petals and then wrap them around the stem for fluffy, bloomy and bright flowers. Create your own gorgeous paper flower bouquet by gathering together all the flowers that you made with a mustard linen strips. Wrap them within a sizzling brown paper for an exotic presentation.

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