Paper Flower Bouquet

Paper Flower Bouquet is not only beautiful, elegant and creative but also a smart choice for use in several occasions. Flowers are symbol of love, romance, care and beauty, and they mean even more with their colors. Different colors are meant for different moods or occasions; or in fact colors are not always for moods, but a color themselves sets the mood. Whatever be the occasion they are incomplete without a floral use and décor.

But when it comes to the eternal presence of them, then their color, softness, beauty and scent are just companions of few hours or a few days at the most. Then what happens to these symbols of love and beauty? They wither away and gone are their beauty and brightness, romance, scent and soothing event – all gone forever.

Paper Flower BouquetBut still they are used in almost all occasions of a man’s life because they have no replacement at all. Nature has made them as a perfect gift to mankind, which a person of any age can give to another for any occasion and mood.

However man is smart, and wise. Thus man has found another way to make the beauty of the flowers evergreen and last forever with their creations. And what are they? They are paper flowers.

The advent of paper flower bouquet

Long ago paper was invented and since then it had contributed hugely for all other improvements, modernization, discovery and innovation of mankind. And now, these papers are being used for creating great craftwork in the form of flowers.

The colors and varied weight of different qualities of paper can be used in countless ways and designs to create paper flower bouquet. True flowers and their uses in bouquets have always been conventional and in practice since man know the use of flowers. But what paper flower bouquets do is more magical.

They make designs of flowers that are creative and which may or may not exist in nature. They are more about the innovation by the human brain. Colors and designs created from mans imagination can be turned to reality using this beautiful art-form.

How paper flower bouquets are made

Papers of various textures are dyed and cut in various shapes according to the plan they would be woven into. Then the petals are rolled and twisted to give additional shape and dimension as required. The different parts of the flower are then sewn or joined together using a pin, glue or tape.

Beads, ribbons, glitters, wires and other accessories may be used for further beautification. When completed, more such flowers or a mixture of different types and designs and colors of flowers are brought together, and woven or tied together. This forms a paper flower bouquet.

Why are they widely in use and popular

Well then let’s have a look at how these amazing pieces of artwork serves us:

•    They are everlasting, and won’t wither, die, shed off or fade with time. Real flowers in a bouquet wither away and dry up, which spoils the look of the decoration. Paper flowers prevent ruining of décor in this way, and stays up throughout the function.

•    They are the manifestation of the extreme creative side of man’s mind. The beautiful designs, colors, and patterns used in them; some inspired by nature, and some totally man’s own innovation, are always noticeable and eye-catching.

•    You can get any favorite flower of yours in the bouquet, be it the season or not; and a really great make of paper flower bouquet would look so natural and real that no one would be able to make the difference between it and real flowers.

•    Using Paper Flower Bouquet is a smart choice when you are planning a budget wedding or a budget party. They look bright, colorful, and fresh, yet costs much lesser than real flowers which cannot last throughout the day with the same morning freshness.

The only problem that you may get with a paper flower bouquet is the absence of scent in them, but that too is not a challenge anymore with the addition of selected perfumes in the bouquets.

To make one yourself you can get lots of sites online showing you step-by-step guides. Otherwise you can order one from any paper flower bouquet shop and adorn your special moments with them.